Our Services

RevCats enables you to focus on your core business knowing that your talent acquisition is on target.


Talent Acquisition Consulting

Contract Recruiting: For a fixed monthly rate our clients get more than just one Sr Contract Recruiter. Our contract recruiters come equipped with:

        Subscriptions for several of the top online recruiting databases

        Our own database of pre-recruited candidates / prepopulated CRM

        Additional team members to support our recruiters with sourcing, screening, and candidate management tasks so the recruiter can focus on filling your open job requirements in the most effective manner.

Recruiter training/process consulting: Our Sr Recruiting consultants will work directly with your team to:

        Review and recommend improvements to recruiting processes

        Implement cutting-edge recruiting tools

        Work directly with your team and demonstrate other tricks of the trade learned over 20+ years in the industry.


Recruiting Head Start: Get a jump on any hot job openings before committing to spending tens of thousands of dollars in fees with a recruiting agency.  With this service, we execute the initial steps the same as any recruiting firm so you might be able to benefit from any “low-hanging fruit”  for a fraction of the cost.  A large percentage of positions are filled by recruiting firms in the first few days through these methods.  This way if you ultimately need to engage a staffing firm you can do so knowing that you did all you can to cut costs before turning to an outside recruiting agency.

Included in this service we will:

        Build prospect lists using discipline-appropriate recruiting databases like CareerBuilder and Monster as well as LinkedIn

        Execute full-scale outreach of the list including Email, Text, LinkedIn, and Phone campaigns to identify interested candidates

        Deliver all interested candidates along with the prospect list complete with our recruiting notes.