Exceptional talent is the catalyst for business success.

Revenue Catalysts designs and implements end-to-end talent acquisition solutions utilizing best practices to ensure that clients are hiring from the top candidate pools.

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Client Testimonial

“RevCats Talent Acquisition Firm has been a game-changer for us. Their consistent candidate flow, reliable communication, and thorough screening process have made our hiring process seamless. We were impressed by the number and quality of candidates they presented, and they kept us informed every step of the way. The candidates they provided were well-informed about the position, and their experiences were well matched. We highly recommend RevCats for their exceptional services.”

Andrew Plofchan

CEO, Amplify Federal

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About Us

When companies think of a hiring process they think of how their teams react when a position is opened to when the new employee starts. This is called recruiting and often begins with job postings, some proactive candidate outreach, interviews between candidates and hiring manager, and when all else fails a desperate call to a recruiting or staffing agency. Some companies realize recruiting is cheaper when they have an internal recruiter or contract recruiter helping the recruiting process.

Our Key To Talent Aquisition Success

A successful talent acquisition group ensures that the right people are hired at the right time and compensation levels. To achieve this, key factors for success include:

Continuous sourcing and pipelining of candidates from various sources ahead of any position opening.

Implementing standard procedures for candidate welcoming, screening, and maintenance.

Having a standardized process for interviewing and selecting final candidates.

Establishing a consistent offer stage process that extends into the new employee’s first 90 days.

Utilizing SMART tracking and measuring tools and methodologies.

Why Choose Revenue Catalysts?

All the key factors for success we’ve summarized above require more than a call to a staffing agency, RPO firm, or contract recruiter. This level of in house talent acquisition calls for a diverse team with varying skills and experience levels, along with multiple scripts, forms, and reports. The process involves precise execution in high volumes, every day.

At Revenue Catalysts Talent Acquisition, we have the expertise, track record, and resources needed to deploy a team to build and maintain a scaleable comprehensive end to end talent acquisition process to companies of any size and budget to hold and own for themselves.

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